6 Career Threatening Mistakes Public Speakers Make

As a public speaker, the success of your career depends on you. Considering your status as a public figure, the steps you take tells more about who you are and what you produce! Most public speakers have fallen off the ladder of success as a result of some career threatening mistakes they made in the past! Don’t be the next public speaker to be counted among the failures, grab this opportunity today and learn from the mistakes your colleagues made in the past! Knowing these mistakes and discovering how best to deal with them is a major priority you should have as a public speaker!

Not Preparing Beforehand

Most public speakers have over trusted themselves that they no longer prepare for their speech before giving them out. Speakers who used this measure as a pattern of their speech delivery are nowhere to be found today, even in their chosen niches.

Self Differentiating

One of the things that make or mare a speaker is his ability to share some similarities with his audience. A good public speaker no matter his level of exposure or knowledge in the field of speaking, always see his audience the same way he sees himself. For most public speakers, this is an archaic practice! Most of them have the attitude of self-differentiating themselves from their audience each time they appear on stage. They always have the mindset that the people who come to them for knowledge are bunch of learners who know nothing, but have only come to hear them speak. When they are given one hour to speak, they spend thirty minutes speaking on how far they have gone in life, how big and brighter their future looks, and how long it will take for some members of the audience to get to the level which they are; they do these things first before going into the business of the day.

Aggressiveness or Over-defensiveness

Most public speakers will always want to react to some actions or annoying statements made by their audience. Whenever a member of the audience raises a matter that concerns them, they quickly react to it with comments to hurt the persons’ feelings; these speakers always sound over-defensive or aggressive each time they face their audience. They show this over-defensiveness especially in times of contribution or response from the floor.

Running Faster than the Audience

This mistake has been recorded for many public speakers. Most public speakers have the habit of speaking so fast or fast running through some scheduled topics just to finish on time for other things to come in. This may not really be a bad idea, but the problem such speakers face is usually a total and rapid mass deviance or population lost. When people come to hear you speak, they do so to learn some tips from you, and so your failure starts when you are unable to speak in the language they will understand. Remember when you fail to deliver, they will choose never to attend any gathering organized in your name.

Inability to Make Eye Contact with the People in the Group

As a public speaker, what makes your speech more interesting and unique is your ability to show smartness and periodic eye contact with the people you are speaking to. However, this is the opposite of what most public speakers practice, most of them find it very difficult especially when it comes to making an eye contact with an audience filled with people who are so inquisitive for knowledge; they do this sometimes out of fear or stage fright.

Inability to Keep to their Promise

This mistake is sometimes called an every speaker mistake! They will give out a certain number of headings to be discussed later in the course of the seminar or gathering, but at the end, they fail to keep the promise they gave to the people; they will either speak half way or jump some headings. In most cases they give out 10 headings for the audience to write down, but they will end up explaining 5 headings leaving the other 5 for the people to worry about. This kind of attitude does not only stop people from coming to listen to you, but will also cause you your career as a public speaker!

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