Current Affairs Quiz: February 03, 2020

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February 03, 2020: The daily Current Affairs Quiz of iWanSabi aims to help students, professionals and other individuals in quest for knowledge to stay informed about the recent events and other occurrences around Nigeria and the beyond the world.

1. What is the codename given to Coronavirus by the WHO?

a) Coronavirus 2019-n
b) Coronavirus 99/20-n
c) 2019-nCoVinfection
d) 2020-nCoVinfection

2. The Emergency Committee on Coronavirus was reconvened by the WHO Director-General on

a) 10th January 2020
b) 30th January 2020
c) 9th January 2020
d) 31st January 2020

3. The committee declared the novel coronavirus 2019 outbreak a

a) Public Health Convention on Coronavirus
b) Public Health Envoy of International Convention
c) Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC)
d) Public Health Conference on IDPs

4. The Committee does not recommend any travel or trade restriction based on the current information available

True or False?

5. Coronaviruses are said to be zoonotic, what does that mean?

a) it simply means they are normally transmitted between animals and people
b) it has its origin from the zoo
c) it lays much emphasis on animals
d) it counts for majority of deaths

6. Which of the following is not among the NCDC’s Coronavitus Preparedness Group?

a) Federal Ministry Of Health (FMoH),
b) Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA),
c) World Health Organization (WHO),
d) UK Centers for Disease Control (US-CDC)

Answers to Current Affairs Quiz: February 03, 2020

1. C
2. B
3. C
4. A
5. A
6. D

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