Modern Day Coffee Cup Spotted In GOT S8E3, Could It Be Daenerys Targaryen Drinking It?

After a very long battle of the Winterfell which nearly consumed the North and all that was left in it, but was later saved by Arya Stark the killer of the Night King, there was no doubt the need for the people of the North to celebrate the victory.

At the feast, a modern day coffee cup suspected to be Starbucks coffee cup was spotted on a table very close to Daenerys Targaryen, Breaker of Chains, Protector of the Realm, Mother of Dragons, and Drinker of Lattes!

It’s not clear if it was Daenerys that was drinking the coffee or if it was Sansa Stark that kept it close to her as a pay back! Lols…

Aside all of these, the primary thing is how possible it will be to remove the coffee cup from future releases of Game of Thrones. Lucky for the HBO, Vice posted that digitally removing coffee cups is much cheaper than creating realistic dragons or bloodied dire wolves.

“That would be easy to fix,” Brett Ineson, president and CTO of Animatrik, a company that does digital effects work for movies and video games, told a Vice staff in an email. “Maybe 15 minutes of time by a good artist.”

Here is a short video of the scene

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