Having a goal in mind could be very promising especially when you make proper plans and good saving plans for it. If you are having problem with planning and saving, then you might want to device a means to improve because your dreams depends on them. However, you can find […]

The mind has a lot to do with the brain in photographic memory training. It is responsible for the vast association of information communicated to us on daily basis. The mind gives the brain the room to operate by letting some fractions of the senses get to it; the brain […]

Paintings have a lot to do with memory training. They often show high level of complicated background or vast colouration which most times make it difficult to analyze or understand. The truth is that the brain will not function effectively and efficiently if it is not analytically stretched. When you […]

If you are reading this article and you have the desire or the passion to speak in public, then you are doing the right thing! Is a good decision you have taken, because when you are through with it, you will not just know how to become a public speaker […]

As a stutterer, you often feel frustrated, worthless and demoralized by your inability to communicate effectively with other people. Lowered self-esteem is another agent of fear that torments you; well you don’t have to live with that, you can let loose some tight ends and see yourself on top. Consider […]

Is speaking in public a night mare to you? If your answer is yes then you have just embarked on a journey of loosing those fears! Try these tips and see yourself become a greater speaker of your time! 1. Become a Friend of Yourself. You can become a friend […]

As a manager, you are most times viewed as a motivational tool in the lives of your employees! The stutterers who work for you have hidden talents which you alone need to help them utilize while working for you. You can work with stutterers and still get the results you […]