Planning and Saving For a Specific Goal

Having a goal in mind could be very promising especially when you make proper plans and good saving plans for it. If you are having problem with planning and saving, then you might want to device a means to improve because your dreams depends on them. However, you can find help reading this article.

Start by doing the first things first; get a diary and write down what you actually want to achieve and some key features about the goal, for example; if you are planning to buy a car, write down the name, brand and colour of the car and include the benefits you stand to get when you buy it.

Name the cost. The next thing to do is to do the costing. You can visit establishments responsible for the goal or your friends who already have what you are planning to achieve. When you get the cost, write it down and allow room for any change in future.

Draw a saving plan. Decide realistically how much to be saving no matter how small it may be. Decide if the saving plan is going to be daily, weekly or monthly depending on your source of income; if you are a salary earner, monthly savings may be the best for you.

Choose a saving medium. Your saving plan has been drawn and you are ready to start saving, the next thing is to choose a saving medium which is definitely a bank. If you are choosing a bank, my advice for you is to choose a formidable bank with less number of branches, that way you will not be tempted to use your credit card often or visit the bank regularly, remember you can’t spend what you don’t have!

Revisit your diary. When you are done making your selections, try to revisit your diary and have another view of it to ascertain what you have done so far; at this point you will be moved to begin the real thing.

Start saving now! Whether you are a salary earner or not, always save with the “Save as You Earn” (SAYE) method. When you are paid for your services, set the required amount aside in a restricted area and get it deposited in your chosen bank or medium of saving before you meet your normal expenditure or impulse spending.

Keep the promise and make it a decision. When you save for a goal without a decision to keep it up, the result will be failure. Once you start saving try to discipline yourself to make it consistent and regular; and also try to be saving the same or similar amount.

Give it an extra priority. You can beat your deadline or make it just at the targeted time if you give your goal an extra priority. For you to do this, you will need to save not only when you are paid but anytime you have a flow of income.

Your goal is a precious thing to hold unto because when you are done with, it will not only make you happy but also will give you a sense of fulfilment. You have all it takes take the ride!

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