Public Speaking Fear – 5 Unique Ways to Deal With It

Is speaking in public a night mare to you? If your answer is yes then you have just embarked on a journey of loosing those fears! Try these tips and see yourself become a greater speaker of your time!

1. Become a Friend of Yourself.

You can become a friend of yourself by converting your fears into confidence. To deal with fear of speaking in public, you need to allow yourself to be your friend. Make yourself understand that speaking is a way of life whether it is done privately or publicly. Being a friend of yourself grows your confidence level thereby making your real you gain balance each time you speak publicly.

2. Know and Understand Your Subject.

If you are a first timer in public speaking you need to know and understand what your subject is. Many people fail to pass a message to their audience because they failed to know and understand the subject of what they speak of. It is paramount you do this because professionals who have been speaking for years still practice it. Knowing and understanding your subject means organizing and using of an outline of key of ideas and then practice delivering based on that outline.

3. Decide on What or How to Start With.

As a potential speaker, you should always have a technique for which you use to begin your speech. This is where your fear increases or decreases. See your audience as your friends. This is true because most of your audience wants you to succeed and not to fail; what you do is to develop a strategy to engage them into a friendly conversation when ever you appear before them. Once you succeed in doing this, you will see and feel a rapid growth in your confidence and urge to speak without fears.

4. Wear Good Look and Dress Properly.

Inferiority complex which is an agent of anxiety and fear normally set in each time someone feels he is not prepared for a thing. You will be amazed at the way you will feel when you dress properly with a good look on your face, noticing that your audience are smiling and looking accommodating on seeing you. Learn to make it a habit to dress properly and to know the exact dress to wear for a particular event; this most times stabilizes your mind and give your audience the mindset that you are an authority in your field. Remember keep this simple; do not make it look too obvious as a means of buying into them.

5. Always See Yourself as a Public Speaker.

This may sound funny, but it is a sure way of dealing with fear and building self confidence in speech making. Having this mindset will make you have a constant urge to work hard for a self development, knowing that you will be expected to deliver at anytime. The effort you put in to maintain the pace goes a long way to have you grounded for any upcoming task in public speaking, hence making you a better and fine public speaker you were born to be!

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