Top 7 Methods of Controlling and Managing Your Stuttering

As a stutterer, you often feel frustrated, worthless and demoralized by your inability to communicate effectively with other people. Lowered self-esteem is another agent of fear that torments you; well you don’t have to live with that, you can let loose some tight ends and see yourself on top. Consider the following methods as a means of controlling and managing your stuttering.

Don’t Be Ashamed

The first thing to know here is that you should not be ashamed of yourself, always remember that this is who are. God has made you a unique person, no matter what happens you should always trust and believe in yourself.

Know Your Stuttering Type

As a stutterer, you need to know if you are a covert or an overt stutterer. Knowing this will help you to work on your speaking pattern. A covert stutterer most times appears to have more chances of speaking fluently than an overt stutterer. However, be you a covert or an overt stutterer you need to find out and start working on yourself.

Pick Up a Trick for Word Runner

Majority of stutterers have tricks which they use to aid an easy word running start. In this case, you have to be careful not to pick junk words that are not official. Always see yourself as a public speaker.

Practice Regular Speaking With Your Friends and Family Members

Practice speaking in front of people who knows you stutter. Such people should be your close friends and your family members. You are more familiar with them and so practicing regular speaking and reading with them helps you develop your speaking tendency.

Have the Big Picture in Mind

This is what I call “The Mirror Method.” I always recommend to people to develop the habit of standing in front of their mirror each time they wake up from sleep and say some big motivational words to themselves. Tell yourself that you are an unstoppable speaker, that it is only a matter of time before your name will be announced all over the world!

Discover Your Community Network

This is very important. Always remember that you are not alone. There are people like you all over the world. Visit some forums, organizations or foundations that teach stuttering relief techniques. Most of these people were stutterers who overcame stuttering just as you will do if you keep abreast.

Practice Stress Management Techniques

One of the biggest challenges a stutterer has is “Breathing and Muscular Tension.” Practice breathing by slowing down and holding your stomach out, while at the same the time sucking in; this practice helps control your voice and your tone. Another thing you need to do is to increase your muscle relaxation. You can do this by exercising regularly and moderately such as walking, swimming, running, and strength-training; doing this will help relax your muscle and relief you of tension.
The time to act is now start practicing!

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