Want to Become a Public Speaker? – The Way Forward

If you are reading this article and you have the desire or the passion to speak in public, then you are doing the right thing! Is a good decision you have taken, because when you are through with it, you will not just know how to become a public speaker but also learn how to stay on top speaking your way through!

1. First things First

The very first key to becoming a public speaker is choosing a niche. This may sound funny, but it’s where so many public speakers fail. People often think that speaking in public is all about speaking grammar; they fail to decide on a niche to follow and so they speak with no direction. You wouldn’t want to make the same mistake, which is why you are reading this article. Choosing a niche means choosing to focus on a very narrow and specific topic or theme. Make this decision today and start working on it.

2. Prepare and Package Yourself

Becoming a successful public speaker does not end at choosing a niche, there is another important key to it and that is preparing and packaging yourself. Once you have discovered and chosen what to focus on, the next thing to do is to work on yourself most importantly your speech and your appearance. While working on your speech consider structuring your grammar, pronunciations, intonation and reading pattern; this is paramount because the moment you decide to become a public speaker, you automatically make yourself a potential public figure and so working on your speech and the way you dress determines how successful you are prepared to be.

3. Explore Generally But Have a Hero

I always like to tell people this, choosing to have a hero does not mean that you want to copy the styles used by the person rather it gives you the privilege of learning faster. While you generally source for information or tips to succeed, you need to single out one person you want to be following. Like I said before you don’t really have to be with this person or try to be exactly like him, you only choose him by deciding to be a regular fan of his resources such as books, video and audio speeches. It is necessary to have a hero because his actions and experience acts as a catalyst to your passion.

4. Work on Your confidence

I will not fail to tell you this; the journey is not as smooth as you may think especially for a beginner facing a crowd of people he is not used to. However, there is one thing you have got to have to win this, “Confidence.” Confidence is what makes a man and also mares him. Many people are having the problem of speaking freely in public not because they are dummies, but because they lack the confidence to carry on. I can assure you with your confidence taken care of you will certainly succeed the journey.

5. Find Out for Yourself!

This is where you try yourself out. Public speakers were not born speakers, they see the passion just as you have seen yours and they develop it. How do you make this happen? You have all the resources at your finger tip; the next thing to do is working out strategies for your speech delivery. You can start by speaking to yourself in front of your mirror any time you are alone and then gradually extend it to your friends. Developing your self also involves updating your profile and the information you work with. Write and rehearse your speech when necessary, and try to offer yourself for speech making in your local group meetings or events happening around you. Keep it simple until you are ripe for the big picture.

Now is that time you have been waiting for, ride on and give it a trial, you can do it!

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