What Managers Should Do To Help Their Employee Stutterers

As a manager, you are most times viewed as a motivational tool in the lives of your employees! The stutterers who work for you have hidden talents which you alone need to help them utilize while working for you. You can work with stutterers and still get the results you seek; all you need to do is to keep and carry them along. In this article, you will find out how as a manager, you can be of help to your employees who stutter and still get the best of your organization.

Put Behind the Today’s Fast-Paced System

The today’s fast-paced lifestyle is one of the major factors that weaken the mind of every stutterer. As a manager, it’s your call to help provide every necessary tool needed to make your organization become what you have planned for it. For stutterers, the best tool you can provide for them is an enabling environment. Provide an environment that accommodates calmness, slow judgment, unhurried decision and low pressure lifestyle. Stutterers are most productive and effective in conditions like this!

Speak Slowly with them

When you speak with them, try to make it slow. Do not tell them to slow down or interrupt them by finishing a statement for them. Even when you know what they are about to say, try as much as possible to hold yourself, allow them to speak slowly and you will get the information you need. When a stutterer is allowed to speak slowly without any pressure or rush, his speech gets normal with his fluency improved.

Be the One to Break their Low Self-Esteem

As a manager, your name alone injects fear in stutterers who work for you. Your voice keeps them hot and unstable; and your presence or appearance puts them in-a-want-to-die mood. These things happen to them not because they are dummies, but because they have low self-esteem. Most times they go into the wrong thinking that they are not worthy of working for you. To help these employees, you need to break their low self-esteem by engaging them in a social or friendly conversation each time you are free or when you come across them. Invite them instead to your office and speak to them in a mild and gentle way, tell them the need to be bold irrespective of their condition.

Speak High of them

Another way to help a stutterer in your organization become more efficient is by speaking high of him. Call him to your office or in a meeting and tell him words like “I know that you do have problem speaking sometimes, but I want you to know that you can do better! Yes I have seen you speak in several occasions, u did marvelously well that I got to believe in you; that’s why I am sending you to a conference to represent me come next month.” Words like this throws a big challenge to stutterers, but it at the same time makes them. When such a high recognition is made, it gives them the mindset that they are part of the team.

Do not judge or Abuse them Based on their Nature

There will be a time in the office, when a stutterer will do something that requires judgment or a call to order. Such instances are usually sensitive and so should be taken care of just the same way a normal employee is treated. Do not judge or abuse a stutterer in your organization based on his nature or condition, this will automatically weaken his spirit if you do. Learn to handle his case officially and gently not personally or by mockery.

Above all, show love and concern to them. The dream of every stutterer is for people around him to acknowledge who he is and treat him good instead of criticizing or making him object of mockery. Working with stutterers is a lot more interesting, because they tend to be honest and loyal to their employers!

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